The YEM (Rainbow Currency) is different from other cryptocurrencies: already in 2017, the YEM was developed by more than 3700 Internet users as a counter-concept to Bitcoin and Co. Privacy instead of anonymity, stability instead of volatility, fast, secure and inexpensive transactions, global tax security and ease of use are just some of the goals to be achieved with the YEM. YEM stands for "Your Everyday Money", because the Rainbow Currency is to be established worldwide as an alternative means of payment in everyday life.

In December 2018, the first sale of a new car in Germany for payment with Rainbow Currency (YEM) will take place. A black Hyundai i10 from the car dealership Gerdes in Oldenburg was previously auctioned in an online auction in which bids could only be submitted in the virtual currency YEM. After a few exciting weeks and over 2000 bids, the winner was able to receive the vehicle at the beginning of 2019, of course labeled "THE FIRST KRYPTO MOBIL" and the logo of the Rainbow Currency.
Currently, a platform is in preparation for which Internet users can configure their desired vehicle and reserve it with the help of a smart contract. The net purchase price will then be deposited in TMC, Mobility Coin in YEM World and the vehicle will be delivered on the desired date of 2020 or 2021. The possible savings are 50% and even more.

On 27 February 2018, the Federal Ministry of Finance refers to a judgment on the tax treatment of virtual currencies in a circular to the highest tax authorities of the Länder.
It reads:
'In view of the grounds of the judgment and taking into account the principle of equal treatment, other so-called virtual currencies shall also be treated as legal tender in so far as those currencies are treated by the parties to the transaction as alternative contractual and direct means of payment have been accepted and serve no purpose other than the use as a means of payment.
Accordingly, the conversion of such so-called virtual currencies into legal tender and vice versa is exempt from tax."

Moving to your own blockchain
Originally launched as an ERC-20 token, it quickly became clear that the Ether blockchain does not meet the high requirements of Rainbow Currency. The anonymity allowed fraudulent individuals to set up wallets uncontrollably, list Rainbow Currency on dubious exchanges, circulate false information, and distort the price through manipulation.
For this reason, a team of blockchain experts has been commissioned to develop their own blockchain, which is 100% protected from such access. In August 2018, the Rainbow Currency moved from the Ether Blockchain to TWNKLCHAIN. Unfortunately, it was not possible to take original symbol TWNKL with you, so since August 2018 YEM is considered the official and only symbol for the Rainbow Currency.
TWNKLCHAIN sets new standards in terms of security, privacy, speed, and, above all, tax honesty. In order to meet the different requirements of the different states from the outset, each transaction on TWNKLCHAIN is automatically, simultaneously and unmanipulously converted into the national currencies of all persons involved in the transaction and stored indelible on the blockchain. In this way, each participant can comply with his personal tax laws and correctly record virtual transactions including the intended use.

Business integrations in current negotiation and in progress: 

International Taxi Services
Large real estate company
Window renovations and window construction in general
Wall and floor insulations
Food chain in Austria
Professional tool chain in Austria
Various car suppliers
Health Systems
Health services
Training and Coaching Partner
PC and mobile phone partners
Organic farmers
Organic food suppliers
Garment industry
Hotel wasteland
Travel industry

PERNUM is the official wallet provider for Rainbow Currency (YEM), Twnkl Estate Coin 

(TEC), The internationalVacation Club (IVC), Mobility Coin (TMC),  and other coins/tokens on the TwnklChain.


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TwnklEstate is a revolutionary joint-venture bringing real estate together with blockchain technology to create the perfect combination of transparency, privacy, security, and legal compliance, with industry-friendly features and functions that buyers, sellers, renters, developers, retailers, architects, and even Do-It-Yourselfers can appreciate. Real estate is rented or purchased using the virtual currency TwnklEstate Coin (TEC).

Twnkl Car is a State of the Art project where you can Buy Vehicles from all over the world. The fact that makes Twnkl Car project very special is; You can Buy your desired vehicle with Cryptocurrency via Smart Contracts. There is a specific Cryptocurrency; created for this project called Twnkl Mobility Coin, and the trading symbol for this coin is (TMC)


Solario is the Solar Energy Revolution. Their patented and independently tested and proven solar technology is 3.8 times more efficient than traditional photovoltaic panels. Each Solario Token (SOLR) is a voucher for 100kwh of clean solar energy to be delivered after Jan 1, 2022. From 2022 the SOLR will be used as a global currency for the payment of electricity bills.


​The International Vacation Club (IVC) is a vacation club where you can book vacations and travel related services for your dream vacation and more! Share IVC with others and you can collect commissions and bonuses if someone you invite or refer books through IVC!


PERNUM is the official wallet provider for Rainbow Currency (YEM), Twnkl Estate Coin (TEC), The international Vacation Club (IVC), Mobility Coin (TMC), and other coins/tokens on the TwnklChain. 


TWNKLCHAIN is more than a blockchain: it is the best of blockchain technology, combined with all the benefits of the SafeZone. Imagine fast, secure, transparent, low-fee transactions with maximum privacy. Additionally, TWNKLCHAIN is set up for a wide variety of smart contracts. From utility bills to real estate, TWNKLCHAIN is the best choice for all your blockchain needs.


Rainbow Currency (YEM) is your everyday money. A virtual currency designed to be exactly that - a virtual currency, functioning as an approved substitute currency for fiat money.

Through common sense, practical, and innovative applications of security, privacy, convenience, ease of use, fast, low cost, and legally compliant high-quality standards, Rainbow Currency stands among the best virtual currencies of the world.

It can be used to purchase all types of products and services, including marketing and business services, solar energy, real estate and more.


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